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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Idea tells Reliance Jio ‘No ullu banaoing’

dea Cellular has taken the battle between telecoms to the ad space with its new range of ‘No ullu banaoing’ advertisements.
The campaign tag line reads, “Free ki aadat mat daalo… Isiliye No FreeG, Idea 4G!” Translation – Don’t get use to free stuff and switch to Idea’s 4G network.
It has an underlying message to new entrant Reliance Jio who has captured its customer base via freebies like free data packs and voice callings.
One of the Idea ads shows a man looking for his regular free parking space which he has been using for a period of three months. Upon ignoring his friend’s advice who tries to warn him that it is a ‘No parking zone,’ the driver says that it’s a ‘free parking zone.’
The conversation leads to how Idea is currently present in over 4 lakh villages and towns but the man seated in the driver seat points out that the network maybe extensive but it is not free like ‘his car parking space.’
Stressing on how he has been using the ‘No parking space’ as free parking for the past three months the ad ends with the man’s car being towed away.
Reliance Jio’s welcome pack in September gave its subscribers the incentive of free 4GB data per day for three months up to December and later in its Happy New Year offer it capped this to 1GB free per day for another three months till March 2017.
In another ad by Idea, two roommates are talking about speed and quality of Idea’s internet connection when one points out that the company has over 19 crore subscribers in a newspaper.
The other girl counters her notion by saying that the subscribers don’t matter because it’s not ‘free’ like her movie streaming site.
A problem occurs in the streaming and the roommate using Idea’s 4G ends the discussion with the statement, “No FreeG, Idea 4G.”
The ads’ tagline on Idea’s Youtube reads, “Free hoga to kaam chalana hi padega… Isiliye No FreeG, Idea 4G!”

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