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Monday, 13 February 2017

Best Android Libraries for Developers

Software libraries are an amazing way to speed up coding for Android. Leverage the hard work of other developers to make your life easier. There are tons of amazing Android libraries out there, but how to find the right one? We put together this list to give you a start.


Android View Animations: A powerful animation library that makes it really easy to create various effects.
RecyclerView Animators: Allows you to use the RecyclerView class with several cool animations.


CloudRail: CloudRail helps you to integrate services via API much faster. It bundles multiple services like for example Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive into a single, unified API. Moreover it handles API updates for you and keeps the API towards your code consistent. Interfaces are available for Cloud Storage, Social, Payment and many more.
Retrofit: Retrofit by Square is a type safe REST client for Android. It basically turns an http API into a Java interface.


MPAndroidChart: A powerful library to generate charts on Android. Offers eight different chart types and a lot of gestures.
AndroidCharts: An easy way to create Charts, with customizable features


SQLBrite : Creates a wrapper around SQLiteOpenHelper and ContentResolver to use stream semantics in queries.
Sugar ORM: Easy way to work with a SQLite database without the need to write SQL queries.

Data Structures

Eclipse Collections: Collections framework for Java to eg put iteration methods on the container types.

Date & Time

TimesSquare for Android Simple and standalone widget to pick a date from a calendar view.
Material Calendar View Android’s CalendarView ported to Material design.


Dagger A fast way to do dependency injections for Android


Android-FilePicker: A photopicker to select pictures or documents out of a nice list
Material File Picker: A simple fiel picker in Material design

Functional Programing

Retrolambda: A way to use Lambdas on Java version 7


Sensey: The easy way to add gestures to your Android application
Android 3D Touch – PeekView: A way to “peek” into content similar to 3D Touch on iOS


Android-BluetoothSPPLibrary: Hardware developer? This is an easy way to use the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile
RxAndroidBle: Easily handle Bluetooth Low Energy


CameraFilter: A realtime camera filter using OpenGL shaders
Material Camera: A fast and easy camera framework for Android

Cloud Storage

Unified Cloud Storage API: A solution which allows you to integrate Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and many more via a single API.
Unified Enterprise Cloud Storage API: Integrate backend cloud storage providers like AWS S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Rackspace and more via one API.


ReactiveLocation: Small but very useful wrapper of the Google Play API to get the location
Smart Location Library: Another library to simplify the usage of location providers


Android Swipe Layout: Provides swipe functionality for objects. For example swipe to left to delete it.
FlexboxLayout : Brings a box layout to Android as you might know it from CSS


Logger: Simple logger for Android
Hugo: The classic: Annotation triggered method call logging


AirMapView : View abstraction for Google Maps API. Especially interesting for apps without Google Play Services


Music Player: A complete music player including nice UI
RxAndroidAudio : Encapsulates the Android Audio API with Rx support


android-gif-drawable: Use View and Drawable with animated GIFs
GifView : Another library for playing GIFs on Android with View


uCrop: A cool library to crop images on Android
Glide: Media management and image loading library for Android


VideoPlayerManager: A library to help you with the Android MediaPlayer class
Easy Video Player: An easy to use video player which can be used via view


Chateau: Framework to provide chat functionality in your Android app


OkHttp: HTTP client for Android
AndroidAsync: A low level network protocol library

Push Notifications

PubNub: A commercial service to handle push notifications
Gandalf: Inform your users about new updates or maintenance


Android In-App Billing v3 Library: Easily handle in-app payments via the Android v3 API
Checkout: Another library for in-app purchases


Unified Social API: Integrate functions from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Microsoft and many more into your app.


Sodium: Easy way to do encryption, decryption, signatures and hashing
PiracyChecker: Protect your app from being pirated using Googles LVL


Ticker: UI component to display scrolling text
MaterialEditText: Text input in Material Design


fontbinding: Custom fonts in XML using data binding
Calligraphy An easy way to use custom fonts on your Android app

User Interface

Material Design Android Library: Use Googles Material Design in Apps as of Android 2.2
Material: Another Library to bring Material Design to older apps

Activity Indicator

AppIntro: Create cool intros for your apps similar to Googles original apps
LolliPin: Need a pin code in your app? Here is a library for that


Android-Bootstrap: Use Bootstrap specifications to eg create buttons in your app
Android Morphing Button: Buttons for Android which can change size and shape to show a “ok” message for example


Vertical Stepper Form Library: Create forms in Material Design


KeyboardVisibilityEvent: Easy way to show and hide the keyboard
AndroidKeyboardWatcher: Small library to track open / close events from keyboard


BottomBar: A view component which provides a bottom navigation bar in Material Design
Side Menu Add a nice side menu with several categories to you app


Android-Rate: A simple library to remind users to rate your app after a few days
SimpleRatingBar: UI component for a rating based on stars


SlidingMenu: Easily create slide-in menus for your app
MaterialDrawer: A flexible and easy drawer library for Android

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