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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Dirty COW Vulnerability | Copy-on-Write

Dirty COW Vulnerability lived for decades in Linux, while it was patched in October in Kernel and in Linux, Android users have to wait for one month for this fix.

Today, Google included a patch for CVE-2016-5195 in monthly Android Security Bulletin and is the final update for 2016.

Dirty COW was patched in October after it was discovered in public exploits. It could be used by attackers with local access to obtain root privileges on a Linux Android device.

Nvidia GPU drivers video and camera drivers and Nvidia libraries have also received attention in December security update. Google has resolved a number of problems relating to these elements including privileges escalation flaws in the GPU and video drivers, a dangerous privileges flaws in the libmox library and a set information disclosure issue.

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