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Friday, 11 November 2016

Top 5 best VR apps

VR is starting to become a big deal. The proliferation of headsets like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and others have solidified the platform’s popularity. However, none of them can even come close to the affordability of Google Cardboard. Anyone who has managed to pick one up over the last couple of years are no doubt looking for some awesome apps to put on there and use. Here are the best VR apps for Google Cardboard. These should tide us all over until Google Daydream comes out during autumn 2016.

1. AAA VR Cinema

AAA VR Cinema is a VR video player that allows you to play locally stored content on your device. It’s quite easy to use. You’ll put the video on your device then use this app to play it while wearing Google Cardboard. It features 180-degree and 360-degree video support, head tracking, support for NAS, and features included to remove drift issues that can come with watching longer videos. It’s completely free if you want to try it out.


Google’s Cardboard app is one of the must-have VR apps for Google Cardboard owners. It comes with a few VR experiences, including Google Earth, a tour through Versailles, a built-in video player, photo sphere, and more. More importantly, it has a directory of VR apps and games that makes finding new stuff a lot easier. Of course, it’s also used to actually set your Google Cardboard. You’ll likely download it on your own, but we’re going to recommend that you keep it installed.

3. Cardboard Camera

Cardboard Camera is another one of those must-have VR apps that can be a lot of fun. This app’s focus is to take VR pictures that you can then, obviously, view in VR. It’s ridiculously easy to use and Google doesn’t require you to sign up for any accounts or anything ridiculous to get started. You just download, open, and go. It takes a bit to get used to and your first few VR photos aren’t going to be amazing, but it’s a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

4. Expeditions

Expeditions is an education oriented app that is meant to be used in a classroom environment. However, it can be used just about anywhere that you want. The app has over 200 expeditions that you can immerse yourself in. You’ll be able to check out various destinations, landmarks, landforms, waterscapes, and tons of other places. There is a 360-degree mode that works without Cardboard if you need it to and the app is fairly easy to use. It’s also completely free, which is nice.

5. Fulldive VR

Fulldive VR calls itself a VR navigation platform. What that means exactly is that the app will help you find and view tons of VR content from around the web. It has support for VR video from YouTube, a VR video player built in, and even a VR browser to view online content. There is also a camera, photo gallery, and a market place to take VR images and surf for more VR apps and games. It’s definitely one of those VR apps that are worth checking out. It is free to download.

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