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Monday, 31 October 2016

Reliance Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Plans

Now get ready to enjoy high speed internet (up to 600 Mbps) with latest jio broadband plans!
After the successful launch of Jio, reliance is ready to launch its brand new Jio giga fiber broadband service.
Within a month of Jio arrival, companies like Airtel, BSNL started reducing their data plans. If you remember, I have already written a post on BSNL BB 249 plan which gives you unlimited internet with 1 Mbps speed at 249 Rs/month.
nyways, now I’m gonna enlist latest Reliance Jio broadband plans, its activation & offers for the current year 2016. Although these tariffs are nowhere listed in Jio’s official website, many sources have confirmed these plans to be working.
Little more about this technology..
JioFiber uses optic fiber which has high data transmission rates than conventional metallic cables. They have more bandwidth & carry more data providing you top notch internet experience. This technology holds good for home & office purposes. Main disadvantage is that, these fiber optic cables are too expensive & they are more prone to damage.
There are 3 main broadband tariffs :
  1. Speed Based
  2. Volume Based
  3. Time Based
  4. Special Tariffs

Detailed List of Reliance Jio Broadband Plans

1] Speed based tariff plans start from 1500 Rs & goes up to 5500 Rs. All of them have validity of 30 days.
Speed with minimum pack is 50 Mbps while with the highest plan you get whooping 600 Mbps speed!
Cons : As the price of the plan increases, speed increases but the data volume decreases.

Speed Based Jio Giga Fiber Tariffs

1500 Rs2000 GB50 Mbps
2000 Rs1000 GB100 Mbps
3500 Rs750 GB200 Mbps
4000 Rs500 GB400 Mbps
5500 Rs300 GB600 Mbps
2] Volume based plans can cost you between 1000 Rs to 5000 Rs. There is daily cap on the data so with lowest plan you can use maximum 5GB per day. If you have good budget, then you can enjoy 60 GB/day by spending 5000 Rs a month. Right now, there is no official information about the speed users will get under this plan but we will try to update it soon.

Volume Based Jio Broadband Tariffs

PriceData Usage / Day
1000 Rs5 GB
2000 Rs10 GB
3000 Rs20 GB
4000 Rs40 GB
5000 Rs60 GB

Time based Jio broadband plan

Rest of the plans have validity of 30 days while in time based plan, you get validity ranging from 1 day to 365 days.
Important note : there will be no cap over speed till you consume allotted 4G data. After that speed will be reduced to 4 Mbps.
500 Rs300 GB1 Day
1500 Rs600 GB7 Days
3000 Rs1000 GB15 Days
7500 Rs4000 GB30 Days
8000 Rs3000 GB90 Days
12000 Rs7500 GB60 Days
10000 Rs6000 GB180 Days
20000 Rs10000 GB365 Days

Special Data Plans

Total 6 different plans are available under this category, but for now we are going to enlist only 3 because rest are not yet confirmed.
PriceData UsageSpeed
500 Rs600 GB15 Mbps
800 RsUnlimited10 Mbps
1000 Rs500 GB25 Mbps
According to me, 2nd plan of 800 Rs is most suitable for medium to heavy net users. You get a decent speed of 10 Mbps which is more than sufficient to stream online movies & 1080p Youtube videos.

How to Activate Jio Fiber Broadband Plans?

Since this is an upcoming service you will have to wait few more days. We will update this thread frequently to give you detailed information about its activation process, how much is the setup cost, what offers will you get on new connection & many more. So keep visiting SpyCoupon for latest updates on this topic🙂

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