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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Most challenging games for Android

Baldur’s Gate I and II

Baldur’s Gate was one of the RPG franchises that helped the genre reach mainstream popularity in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. The groundwork it laid down was built on by super popular RPG franchises like Skyrim, Fallout, and many others. As it turns out, the game is also pretty difficult. Between the long story, tons of bad guys, and tons of controls to learn, it’ll be a while before you get these games under your belt. They’re also really good, especially if you’re into RPGs. They’re $9.99 each and the in-app purchases are for optional DLC such as character voices.


Anyone who doesn’t think that Chess is difficult hasn’t been playing against the right opponents. It’s one of the most complex and difficult board games out there and only a few ever really master the game. Droidfish is a chess game that uses the famous Stockfish engine which is considered one of the most powerful chess engines in the world. In other words, it’s going to whip you repeatedly in some chess. There are a ton of features but there is also a learning curve because this chess game is for people who aren’t messing around. It’s also free and open source.

Duet is an unassuming puzzle game where you must revolve two balls around an axis and avoid falling platforms. It starts out pretty easy but gets ridiculous fairly quickly. It’s beatable and some have even found it easy. However, the majority of players don’t understand how their brains even know where to move the balls half of the time. You can get the main campaign of the game for free with the pro version unlocking additional content for your gaming enjoyment.

Final Fantasy IV

The original release of Final Fantasy IV was actually one of the more difficult jRPGs ever made. It was made easier when released in the United States until the Nintendo DS version when the original hard mode was integrated back into the game. As it turns out, the Android version of Final Fantasy IV is a port of the Nintendo DS version which means this is the most difficult version of this game that you can get. The enemies are tougher, gold is harder to find, and even some random encounters have a chance to kill your entire party. It also comes with a 25+ hour story and tons of side quests. It’s expensive, but it’s also a classic.


Go received some international attention when Google’s Deepmind (AlphaGo) went toe-to-toe with one of the best Go players in the world and won. As it turns out, you can play this simple, but exceptionally deep board game for yourself. This version of Go allows you to play on 9×9 and 13×13 boards with unlimited moves, and 19×19 boards up to 180 moves (the paid version unlocks this restriction). The engine powering the game has a 3 dan rating which is fairly high. It won’t challenge the best in the world, but it’ll absolutely crush beginners and amateurs alike. Good luck!

Out There: Ω Edition

Out There: Ω Edition is a very frustrating and very fun survival game. The premise of the game is you play the role of an astronaut who wakes up from cryonics in the deepest regions of space and you must survive the trip back to Earth. The developer made certain to bring into account how vast and harsh space can be and you’ll be dealing with friendly and unfriendly aliens, rushing to find an oxygen supply, and learning to use random technology to fix and improve your ship. This game is not for casual players, but it does have 59 achievements that you can try to earn!

Pandemic is a board game where you play as members of the CDC and you must squash diseases before they have a chance to become, well, a pandemic. Each player has a special ability to help with the cause and you’ll be allowed to construct bases to help you move around faster and cure disease. It’s not too bad on easy mode, but hard mode is an entirely different story. This is a game that can spiral out of control is just a single round and that’s what makes it so fun and so very challenging. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s also considered one of the better done board games out there.

Pixel Dungeon is an open source dungeon crawler that blatantly says in its description that you will die often and that the game is very hard. At least it warns you first. It features retro style graphics, a few characters to choose from, and tons of difficult situations that you’ll have to figure out a way to get out of. There are also a variety of variants, including the highly acclaimed Pixel Dungeon Remix that throw in additional content. They’re all free with optional in-app purchases to support the developer.

Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon was one of the first really hard games that was insanely difficult but still made very well. The idea in this puzzler is you must rotate your center piece around to coincide with the openings in the hexagons that are collapsing down on you. The mechanics only take a few minutes to learn but completing even the first few levels are going to take a little bit of time. It gets harder as you go and the flashy lights, raw speed, and chaotic nature of the game will make things all the more challenging. It’s a cool $2.99 with no in-app purchases.

XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within is a strategy shooter where you’ll need to move your pieces around the map similar to a game board. There are also RPG, simulation, and online multiplayer elements to give the game a well-balanced feeling. The bad guys in this game are unrepentant and too many mistakes or bad moves will result in you losing the level. There is a campaign mode to mow through and the online multiplayer that we mentioned a moment ago which means there is plenty of stuff for you to do. It’s a bit expensive, but it is a port of a relatively recent PC game so that’s to be expected.

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